September 9, 2014: Rice

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I don’t usually write about this type of stuff, but I will today.  With the video exposed across the internet yesterday, Ray Rice turned into a scumbag all over again.  I have some thoughts. First of all, what Ray Rice … Continued

September 8, 2014: Buffaloed

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Yeah, it happened.  The Bears blew it.  What exactly did happen? The Bears lost the turnover battle.  2 Cutler INTs and a Marshall fumble is essentially what did us in.  Listening to Trestman talk before the game, he mentioned “protect … Continued

September 7, 2014: GameDay

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There’s nothing quite like it.  Football is here.  Sundays are back. What’s your GameDay tradition?  Whether going to the game, meeting at a bar with your friends, or staying home with family, watching the Bears game on Sunday is something special.  … Continued

September 6, 2014: Let the Games begin

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Let the games begin.  Yeah, we already had a game on Thursday, but with 15 games to go, I’m here for some fantasy insight.  For the record, the only guy I really liked in Thursday night’s game was Marshawn Lynch, … Continued

September 5, 2014: Bears Bills preview

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I plan on doing a preview blog for each Bears game this season, as well as one to recap the game.  It’s going to be hard to pick against the Bears, but… I’m going to stick to my prediction blog … Continued

September 4, 2014: Hello NFL

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It’s finally here…  we’ve been waiting for 7 months.  The NFL season will kickoff tonight with the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.  Can you feel the excitement? I’m not quite ready to change gears 100%, because I love the … Continued

September 3, 2014: Gambling Season

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One of the best parts of football season is gambling.  Yes, betting on each game is fun, but is reserved for Vegas, online betting, or bookies.  However, there are many other forms of “gambling” that take place each and every … Continued

September 2, 2014: Step by Step

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April 9-17: May 11-16: June 15-13: July 10-16: August 16-14: September 1-0 These are the Cubs win loss records by month.  For me, it’s just something else to get excited about.  Of course, it doesn’t mean a damn thing for … Continued

September 1, 2014: Hard Working

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Happy Labor Day!  Hopefully, in commemoration of Labor Day, you don’t have to work today.  It almost seems like we should be working to celebrate Labor Day…  Anyways, thinking about working, made me think of the hardest working guys in … Continued