May 5, 2014: Say the Right Thing

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As I listen to the interviews before and during Game 2 of the Hawks-Wild, I think, how easy is it to say the right thing?  Whenever teams are asked about their opponents, they are mostly complimentary, showing nothing but respect … Continued

May 3, 2014: Cake Walk

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I wasn’t too worried about this series.   The second consecutive year we meet the Minnesota Wild in the playoffs shouldn’t be much different than the first.  The game started off easy enough with goals by Bickell and Hossa.  With a … Continued

May 2, 2014: End of an Era

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Once a week, almost every week, I play racquetball with my father.  Before my brother moved to the ‘burbs, all three of us used to play together (they played when I lived in Los Angeles for a few years).  Our … Continued

April 30, 2014: Silver Lining

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Wow… tough way to go out.  In a series I thought was going to be the total opposite, the Wizards knocked out our Bulls last night in a 4-1 series win.  Being there only made it worse.  The slow start, … Continued

April 29, 2014: Rain Delay

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With my wife working last night, I was ready to actually sit down and watch the entire Cubs game as they started a series in Cincinnati.  Well, at least try to watch it, as my 2 year old ran around … Continued

April 28, 2014: Split Decision

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This Sunday had both our Bulls and Hawks looking for playoff victories.  This time, at least the games were scheduled to start 2 hours apart, which would allow me to see most of both games.  However, I had to attend … Continued