July 12, 2014: Legacy Concerns

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Talk about some news dominating a sports day.  The announcement that Lebron James will be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers shook the NBA & sports world.  I can already tell that I’m going to get really sick of this, but … Continued

July 11, 2014: The Right Guys

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Some good baseball news to report for a change.  Anthony Rizzo and Chris Sale were both voted in to the All Star game on Thursday, and rightfully so.  This ensures that the 4 best players in town are going to … Continued

July 8, 2014: Money Talks

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So how important is money to you?  I hate having to worry about money; having to make decisions based on it.  However, money does serve a big purpose in today’s world.  It allows you to do all the things that … Continued

July 7, 2014: The Chicago Stars

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At least we have some All Stars…  I think every team still has to have one, but these are earned by our guys.  The Cubs send Castro, while the Sox send Abreu & Ramirez.  With Rizzo and Sale on the … Continued

July 6, 2014: Predictable

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Good or bad?  Like the ending to some movies, I would have to say bad.  On the flip side, if that movie had an unexpected twist that nobody saw coming, I would say good.  One word titles to a blog … Continued

July 5, 2014: Reality

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In today’s late edition, we are going to get real.  Late last night, after all the 4th parties, news broke about the inevitable; the Cubs made their first deal of the 2014 season.  With mixed emotions, I will attempt to … Continued

July 4, 2014: Freedom

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In the week of the one-word titles, we go back to William Wallace in Braveheart.  FREEEEEEDOM!  Although this isn’t an American movie, it is about freedom; that same freedom we celebrate today on July 4th.  It’s nice to be free.  … Continued

July 3, 2014: Sweeping

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16 runs!  The Cubs score 16 runs… that usually is a weekly run total for this team.  On Wednesday night, it was all done in one game, as the Cubs swept a 3-game series from the Boston Red Sox in … Continued